Essay About Healthy And Unhealthy Food

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Genetically modified food is the products got from genetically modified organisms (GMO), such as plants, animals or microorganisms.

Products got with the help of genetically modified organisms or in composition of which there is at least one component got from the products that contain GMO, may also be considered genetically modified food.

Foods you can not resist Definitely there are foods you can not resist, in such a case, enjoy your favourite products in small amounts.

Any dish that does not belong to “healthy food” you can eat once a month, and the best thing you can do is to find an equivalent to this unhealthy dish among foods that are healthy. Even a small change in your style of eating in favor of healthy food will be a new step in the right direction.

Things do not happen at once If you can not start leading healthy lifestyle at once, do not despair. The way in a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Genetically modified food Also we would like to tell you some words about genetically modified food.

In restaurant you may ask food container and take half of your portion with you. Buffet is too much tempting event, where you can easily eat 3 or 4 portions plus dessert. If they are not sweet enough for you, add some sugar.

Taming of a sweet-tooth Try to tame you passion for sweets and avoid sweet snacks. Avoid sweet aerated drinks, you would better try cold herbal teas with a slice of lemon or lime, the taste is amazing.

Healthy food instead of a diet There are many diets that lead to successful weight loss, if you follow strictly all the rules.

However, diets that cause weight loss can not be considered equal to healthy eating.


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