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For her, the primary rule was a constant love, and when social critics or religious reformers (improvers) chose to demonstrate anger at the evils of structures underlying poverty and suffering, that was between them and God. What torched me most is her commitment even in her deteriorating state of health. Saint believes in their soul not in their outer appearance. Mother Terasa should be given the position of the saint when she was alived as the person who is bad enough is also called good.In the 1980s and 1990s Mother Teresa's health problems became a concern. Mother Teresa, you will for ever be remembered for your gemerousity and your concerns for the poor. Mother teresa was nor distracted with the challenge of loosing her father at that tender age. She was still able to play advisory role in expense to her health. This happened with almost all saints, while they were alived no body asked them but now all give their money for what Mother Teresa you will never be forgotten by anyone you will always stay in my heart no matter what happens I still look up to you.Her first venture in Calcutta was to gather unschooled children from the slums and start to teach them.

They also opened a home for orphans and abandoned children.

Before long they had a presence in more than twenty-two Indian cities.

Although the school was close to the slums (terribly poor sections), the students were mainly wealthy.

In 1946 Mother Teresa experienced what she called a second vocation or "call within a call." She felt an inner urging to leave the convent life (life of a nun) and work directly with the poor.

She suffered a heart attack while visiting Pope John Paul II (1920–) in 1983. She gave up her last breath with the challenges of the less privilege in her heart. Like God has always been there for us you have too i always treat you like God.

She had a near fatal heart attack in 1989 and began wearing a pacemaker, a device that regulates the heartbeat. When you were in the challenge of loosing your father I was proud of you for being brave all of us in the world are proud of you for being the Mother of the poorest poorest in the whole entire world!Agnes was the last of three children born to Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu, Albanian grocers.When Agnes was nine years old, her happy, comfortable, close-knit family life was upset when her father died.Mother Teresa of Calcutta was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Macedonia, on August 27, 1910.At the time of her birth Skopje was located within the Ottoman Empire, a vast empire controlled by the Turks in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.She attended public school in Skopje, and first showed religious interests as a member of a school society that focused on foreign missions (groups that travel to foreign countries to spread their religious beliefs).By the age of twelve she felt she had a calling to help the poor.Despite the appeal of this saintly work, all commentators remarked that Mother Teresa herself was the most important reason for the growth of her order and the fame that came to it.Unlike many "social critics," she did not find it necessary to attack the economic or political structures of the cultures that were producing the terribly poor people she was serving. She gave her entire life in ty service of humanity. Mother Terasa helped the poor without thinking of her own benefits.The characteristics of all of Mother Teresa's works—shelters for the dying, orphanages, and homes for the mentally ill—continued to be of service to the very poor.In 1988 Mother Teresa sent her Missionaries of Charity into Russia and opened a home for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS; an incurable disease that weakens the immune system) patients in San Francisco, California.


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