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Autumn begins to slow down its cycle by the end of stanza two; there is “the last oozings” the onomatopoeia used here is also able to slow the pace of the poem down as well as showing nature’s beauty disappearing.Nature is portrayed is several forms in this ode as there is references to “summer” in the first stanza and “spring” in the second stanza, winter is also mentioned indirectly by referring to ” red-breast whistles”.Prosperine was the goddess of the underworld, spending six months of every year in the underworld with Hades.

The powerful descriptions of the season mirror his feelings as a writer.

Nature is able to bring out happiness in the form of the season of autumn as Keats is able to enjoy himself.

“Soft dying day” shows the changes in seasons as winter arises.

Showing nature does not last forever, perfection is sometimes lost.

In both these poems Keats accepts the natural world, with its mixture of ripening, fulfillment, dying and death.

‘Ode to Autumn’ heavily regards nature and the changes made within the natural world.Beauty, Joy and Pleasure show Keats’ emotions and feelings. He is explaining at times everyone will feel like this, you can’t be sad and emotional all the time but you also can’t be “Beautiful” and “Joyous” no matter how hard you try as this does not follow nature’s course.Both of these odes show nature to be some what perfect at peak times.The ode progresses as nature and the season of autumn continues.The concrete imagery and rich use of language Keats uses enables the reader to witness the sights, sounds and touch of autumn and its progression.“Wakeful anguish of the soul” begins a turning point in life, showing joy can arise at any moment, not everything has to remain melancholic.‘Ode to Autumn’ also refers to the idea of death, the death of autumn.Keats uses language such as, “plump”, “swell” and “budding” to show abundance but also has made the stanzas of the ode eleven lines long rather than ten which creates the idea of overflowing, blossoming and maturing nature.His use of structure is able to give the poem more creative meaning.The mutability is autumn is shown throughout this ode within the process of time.The second stanza of the poem focuses on high autumn while in the final stanza autumn is coming to a close and winter is being introduced.


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