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Employees end practically living at the software giant’s campus in Washington.People have been known to work 24 hours a day at Microsoft.The campus is set up in such a way that you never have to go home.

Culture of an organization is created unconsciously, based on the ethics and values of the top management or the founders of the organization. Many times Microsoft has been described as having a developer-centric business culture.

Microsoft spends a lot of time and money each year on recruiting young university-trained software developers and on keeping them in the company.

Corporate culture can be spelled in the interior decor of its offices, in the clothes its people wear to work, in the company’s mission statement, in the way its people speak to each other and in the designations given to its employees.

Every organization has its own distinctive culture.

We implemented interviewer workshops at some of our local colleges and high schools.

This is just another way for the students to get ready in the real world.

I believe that the backbone of this country is businesses.

Corporations small or large need to set examples out in the community by getting involved in programs like the united way, red cross and other activities that benefit our youth and the people of America. By doing this it will also build the company’s image and reputation.

Yes because we live in a free society I think that most ethical judgments are based on a matter of what you believe in. There will also be similarities and differences in your ethical point of view because of religion, race, and education but I don’t think it will be much different than someone else’s opinion if it all comes down to these factors.

I also think that personal opinion can be attributed to how sensitive the Should business be expected to do good works in the community?


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