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Writing an essay about an event can be a challenging task because it should, ideally, convey the details of the event to the reader in such a way that the reader feels as if he is actually experiencing it firsthand.The essay has to be more than just descriptive, though, so it is necessary to write a good balanced narrative essay that tells the story of the event, and also provides adequate analysis. A strong introductory paragraph that introduces the reader to the subject matter includes a descriptive account of some element or aspect of the event itself.

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It showed me that we all have things in common and that I am a person who likes to take risks.

Adding sensory details to a story is the most effective way to take a story that could be about anyone and turn it into a moment that is unique to your life.

When you are setting the scene for your essay, make sure to add information about what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched.

Include sights, sounds, smells and the like in order to convey a firsthand experience.

Conclude your essay by reiterating your main point.


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