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It also saved the professor from the tedium of repeatedly making many of the same corrections, writing long explanations of what had been thought to be readily apparent, or being so bogged down in addressing mechanical errors that conceptualizations were sidelined.” (p.

7) Developing a rubric may be time consuming, especially the first time.

In her excellent book on rubrics in higher education, Mary J.

Goggins Selke (2013) remarks that using grading rubrics usually results in higher quality and better conceptualized papers, with less time needed “to score the papers and more of that time…

For instance, what counts as "a significant amount" of research varies from first year undergraduate to master's student.

The categories are not weighted equally but are considered in the context of the others.

The rubric guides how the student’s work will be assessed, and indicates the weight that will be given to the various elements of the work.

All instructors have used a grading rubric whether they realize it or not.

Category Descriptions are general, representing the major elements you are looking for in the students’ work, such as Critical Thinking, Structure and Logical Argumentation, Background Research, Originality and Creativity, etc.

For each category, you will also need to define what you are looking for within every increment of the Weighting Criteria.


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