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The positive working environment is essential for the rise of the employees’ performance and development of healthy organizational culture.Microsoft has been successful in maintaining positive relationships between employees and healthy organizational culture.The development of such cooperation allows Microsoft to expand its market share as well as to enter new markets.

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Conclusion Thus, Microsoft is one of the leaders of the high tech industry.

The company holds a strong position in the high tech market due to its developments and innovations.

Even thought acquisitions are more costly for the company than tie-up strategy but the company holds the total control over its new acquisitions, while business partnership naturally implies mutual obligations of Microsoft and its business partners.

Corporate Culture The company develops democratic, liberal relationships within the company focusing on the team work.

The company develops close cooperation with consumers to meet their needs and to offer them products, which they expect from the company.

The cooperation with consumers is very important since the company attempts to receive positive feedback from customers and to analyze possible problems, which customers encounter, while using Microsoft’s products.In addition, the company uses tie-up strategy developing close cooperation with other companies, such as IBM, for instance, to promote their products and to sell them to consumers successfully.The company develops close business relations with its business partners.Moreover, the company provides employees with an opportunity to work on their projects in their teams to maximize the effectiveness of employees’ performance and to create comfortable ambiance within the company.At the same time, the leadership of the company tends to the transformational style, when the leader of the company helps subordinates to perform their functions and to complement changes that are being introduced in the company (Hart, 125).Creating and maintaining a healthy organization culture needs adherence to the standards of shared respects, convictions and theories of how the top to bottom members of a company need to behave and work.Hence, with an aim and role to recognize how companies work and evaluate how things are being done, management and leadership are indeed important in developing and sustaining a healthy organizational culture.Hence, the company creates environment with minimal stressors for employees (Clarke, 16).The company attempts to create a positive working environment to encourage better performance of employees and introduction of innovations as an integral part of the company’s corporate philosophy.Therefore, closing the gap with Apple and taking the lead in the mobile devices’ industry should be the priority for Microsoft for the nearest future.The importance of an effective management and leadership is manifested in a healthy organizational culture.


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