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This important essay dates from the end of the fifties.

At that time, the rapid rate of Soviet industrialization had directed the attention of economists to problems of economic growth of former colonial areas which had won political independence.

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As Dobb points out, economists were chiefly concerned with the problems of growth under conditions of private ownership of capital and where investment is primarily under the control of private individuals or firms. Since these theories followed the Keynesian tradition in focusing attention upon the savings-investment relation, the question arose for Dobb as to whether they were applicable to a socialist or planned economy in which savings decisions and investment decisions, instead of being separated, are unified.

The theories of economic growth in vogue at the time derived largely from the well-known growth conditions set forth by Roy F. In this short book, therefore, Dobb considers the questions: Do such theories have a more universal application? If they can, in what form may such an application be made?

With charm and wit, he shows how this tool measures societies across the three dimensions that actually matter.

And reveals the dramatic reordering of nations that occurs when you use it.


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