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About corrupting Athenian youth, Socrates explained that the young, rich men of the city of Athens have little to do with their time.They therefore follow him about the city, observing his questioning of intellectual arguments in dialogue with other intellectual men." Hence is Socrates considered a wise man, yet has acquired a bad reputation among the politically powerful personages of Athens.

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Lysias XIX 1,2,3; Isaeus X 1; Isocrates XV 79; Aeschines II 24).

Socrates says he will not use sophistic language — carefully arranged ornate words and phrases — but will speak using the common idiom of the Greek language.

To not lose face, the beardless lads re-state the prejudicial, stock accusations against Socrates, that he is a morally abominable man who corrupts the youth of Athens with sophistry and atheism.

In his defence, Socrates said, "For those who are examined, instead of being angry with themselves, are angry with me!

Socrates also says that the accusations for which he is answering in court already had been spoken and published by the comic poet Aristophanes, and are therefore beyond the legal scope of a trial for corruption and impiety.

Years earlier, in the play The Clouds (423 BC), Aristophanes lampooned Socrates as a charlatan, the paradigm philosopher of atheist and scientific sophistry — carefully arranged arguments constructed of ornate words and phrases — misrepresented as wisdom.Socrates says to the court that these old accusations arise from years of gossip and prejudice against him; hence, are matters difficult to address.He then embarrasses the accusing Orators, by reformulating their diffuse accusations against him into proper, legal form, that: "Socrates is committing an injustice, in that he inquires into things below the earth and in the sky; and makes the weaker argument the stronger; and teaches others to follow his example" (19b-c).He says that Chaerephon, reputed to be impetuous, went to the Oracle of Delphi and asked her, the Pythia, to tell him of anyone who was wiser than Socrates.The Pythia answered to Chaerephon that there was no man wiser.Among the primary sources about the trial and death of the philosopher Socrates (469–399 BC), the Apology of Socrates is the dialogue that depicts the trial, and is one of four Socratic dialogues, along with Euthyphro, Phaedo, and Crito, through which Plato details the final days of the philosopher Socrates.The Apology of Socrates, by the philosopher Plato (429–347 BC), was one of many explanatory apologia about Socrates's legal defence against accusations of corruption and impiety; most apologia were published in the decade after the Trial of Socrates (399 BC).He affirms that he will speak in the manner he is heard using in the agora and at the money tables.Despite his claim of ignorance, Socrates speaks masterfully, correcting the Orators and showing them what they should have done — speak the truth persuasively and with wisdom.The Apology of Socrates begins with Socrates addressing the jury to ask if the men of Athens (the jury) have been persuaded by the Orators Lycon, Anytus, and Meletus, who have accused Socrates of corrupting the young people of the city and of impiety against the pantheon of Athens.The first sentence of his speech establishes the theme of the dialogue — that philosophy begins with an admission of ignorance.


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