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I also was the first place winner in the Benjamin and David Scharps Legal Essay, which is one of the things I am most proud of. Each campus had their own competition where they chose three [winners], which were sent off to SUNY.

I won first place, I have it in front of me, as well, I bring it with me everywhere The question this year was along the lines of what I want to do in my work, which is a First Amendment case, free speech. Dick Spangler,” a very controversial speaker coming to campus.

It was a great honor to work side by side with such an inspirational artist for such an important reason." Eric Christo Martinez “This guy represents a prisoner who is coming out (of jail). This is a world, and it’s going to have an array of colors, and maybe some different options, directions for when he gets out.

The main thing is to try and stop the negative stigma that these kids have." Emanuel Martinez "There is an organization that was started here about 7 years ago - it was named after me - and it’s called the Emmanuel Project.

and that's where I really discovered my talent and where I pretty much delcared myself an artist and said this is what I'm going to do.

I was helped by an individual by the name of Bill Longley from Santa Fe who was a professional artist and started an apprenticeship training program for high-risk’s a very positive program." Emanuel Martinez "Much of my work as of late has been focused around the growth of the Unite and Conquer art movement which aims to bring artists and communities together.My hopes are that this particular mural brings encouragement to individuals walking back into this community and hope to the families waiting for their loved ones to return home." Eric Christo Martinez.The complaint argues that the policy violates the will of Congress expressed in the Immigration and Nationality Act.The document is available in its entirety here and below.The NYCLU is excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Freedom of Expression contest.Each year, both high school and college-aged students submit entries pertaining to a particular social justice topic.This year’s theme is “The Art of Protest.” Artistic expression can, in itself, be a form of protest and here in New York City we have seen firsthand the importance of art in local demonstrations.We invited students to respond to the theme by submitting a photograph, a protest sign, banner or any original artwork they created as part of a protest.I finally gave into it and created a series around the journey titled "The Conviction Series".These works express more than the convictions that took me to prison but the convictions that you can turn those negatives into positives and such a series was a testament to just that." Eric Christo Martinez "Art throughout history has been a mirror reflection of society, but also a powerful tool for change! This mural is very important to me because it is my first piece of public art.


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