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This encourages not only compliance but also above-and-beyond efforts.

This encourages not only compliance but also above-and-beyond efforts.Lisa Mc Querrey has been an award-winning writer and author for more than 25 years.

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Ask your employees to keep you apprised of the most common complaints and compliments they receive and strive to do less of the former and more of the latter.

Consider rewarding staffers for exceptional levels of service as well.

Good service starts with your attitude and employee training.

After all, good service works from the top down, and employees who are specifically trained in the art of quality customer service are far more likely to represent your company in the way that ensures satisfaction and repeat business.

Customer service isn’t just about being courteous to your customers – it’s a vital element of business operations that can impact your bottom line and affect how your company is viewed in the public eye.

Several high-profile companies have been in the news of late, finding themselves in the spotlight because of poor customer service policies.The good news is, it’s relatively simple to implement a customer service improvement plan that keeps your business on top.Customer service consists of a collective set of policies that govern every way you and your employees interact with your customers.Develop customer service policies: Implement service policies that address every conceivable aspect of the customer experience.This includes how quickly your phone is answered or your website or email questions responded to, how many cashiers you have on busy days, how generous your return or exchange policy is, and how you handle irate customers.Role-playing works well with one staffer acting as the customer and another as the staffer.Moderate the session to offer your take on what the role-players did right and where they can improve.Hire well: When you interview candidates, ask them what quality customer service means to them.Pose sticky customer scenarios and ask them how they would respond to the situation.The planning process produces a number of benefits for your business and customer service.The process: * forces an early consideration of essential goals and policies * helps challenge old ideas and create a climate for new initiatives that may help with customer service and growth for the business * gives you a clear focus on what needs to be achieved * enables problems to be recognised that call for external sources of information and assistance * increases objectivity * prevents the business viewing the future in ways the facts do not support * increases the business personal motivation and that of your employees which will help with customer service.


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