Essay On Discrimination Between Men And Women

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The UK, one of the most important and developed countries that plays a major role in the world issues, has a discrimination problem against women which is described by a governmental report to be “deeply ingrained” or firmly held that it is not likely to be changed.

Thus it is a problem that needs more that attention to be solved.

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Whereas single-mothers most of the time do not marry after their first marriage because men do not want extra burden or responsibility.

On the other hand single-fathers easily can get married most of the time as there is no social norm against them to re-marry.According to the Australian Office of Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (OADC) gender discrimination occurs when someone is treated less favourably than another person because of his or her gender (Justice, 2009).Women’s discrimination is a series problem, it is just not a discrimination against a minority (with all do respect to all minorities).The world is facing many problems that are demolishing its unity, forcing the process of making a better world harder to achieve.One of the most devastating problems yet to be solved is the women’s rights against discrimination.The problem of discrimination against women was officially addressed to the world through the first couple of years of the establishing of the United Nations (UN).“Women inscribed their identity as holders of rights in the founding documents of the UN-the UN Charter (1945) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)…Many countries and nations have acts against discriminating women; however, women are still being discriminated before the law (Franciscans).Discriminating against women is not just discriminating against a person it is discriminating against families as well; who would want the mother, the sister or the wife to be discriminated at work, at school or at club under no reason but solely because of the gender.According to the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Data shows that discriminatory practices against women exists and dominates in almost all parts of the world (2008).Therefore, we do not need each developed country telling a one that is not that the developed country is free from discrimination or it is in very small ratio that discrimination hardly can be found.


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