Essay On Ethics Of Abortion

Just imagine a world wherein everyone is necessitated by other people’s right to life to loan their body to other people.

Surely such a world would bring unease and a sense of apprehension for people.

This in actuality would not produce what the utilitarians would rather have which happens to be greatest happiness for the greatest number of people and thus, such a world full of apprehension is what utilitarians would call “unethical”.

The second argument launched on the defenders of abortion is the claim that abortion is a murder committed by the abortionist to a defenseless human being.

For argument’s sake I would not debunk the claim that the unborn has a right to life. Basically a right to life is a right given only to actual human beings and not potential.

The problem I see here however, is the fact that the mother also has a right to life. However, let us say that even potential human beings such as embryo or fetus were granted a right to life which of these rights overrides that of the other?According to this argument even a fetus or a clump of cell, which they claimed to have started when the egg cell of the mother met the sperm cell of the father, have a right to life.The pro-life arguments state that no one, not even the mother, has the right to take away a potential or an actual person’s right to life for the sake of conveniences.It could be because the unwanted pregnancy was caused by rape or it could even be that the said pregnancy poses as a threat to the life of the woman.Financial difficulty could also be one of the reasons behind abortion.Utilitarianism in contrast to Kantianism does not pay much heed on whether a person could use their reason for their belief is mostly founded on sentience or the ability of a person to feel pleasure or pain.Thus, in solving the dilemma of abortion, a utilitarian would not ask if a person is capable of reasoning or the like, rather the question would be if a fetus, or the others involved is capable of feeling pleasure or pain.If abortion then would prove to be advantageous or would cause greater happiness for the highest number of those people involved then utilitarianism would staunchly advocate the idea that it is morally acceptable to undergo abortion, hence abortion is ethical.Among the many arguments against abortion the “right to life” of the unborn is the most well-known.To protect the said fetuses or embryos in disregard of the welfare of the woman is what one should consider murder, not the other way around.Those who are against abortion often go around using phrase such as “abortion is murder, “abortion is not pro-life” and the like.


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