Essay On My Life Experience

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Since my decision, I have become more mature, responsible, and active in school and work.

I feel less obligated to stay home on Friday and Saturday nights.

After four hard, dedicated years of school, she graduated on a warm spring day. It was the first time I ever cried from being happy. Today, I watch my mom who is full of boredom and depressed. Since there is no cure, she can only pray for a miracle. Somehow I still feel helpless because there is nothing I can do, especially after all she has done for me.

I cannot just sit here and watch her mind and body suffer. If you ever saw your mother have daily spasms, how would you feel? She used to be able to remember everything, but now her memory is fading.

If you asked my friends (or the community) about my mother, they would say, "That woman has a heart of gold." I agree one-hundred percent.

I think the reason she is such a wonderful person is because the Holy Spirit resides within her.In life, I believe that everyone is affected by different individuals or situations that will forever hold significance in their lives.From my virtues to flaws, there is a specific person in my life that should be credited for the overall gentlemen that I have become over time.In many situations they often have two different personalities.As Bruce Wayne was for private business, and Batman was for public saving, my father was sort of similar.Danny Brooks was this caring, hard-working, thoughtful guy to the world.And in my eyes, he was this terrifying (at least he was when I was five) monster who ...In this time I would always find myself out of place.In my mind, I knew that my superhero did not fly, drive a nice car, or wear a mask or costume.Through the years I have always been able to change negative situations into positive ones. Today, I am a hard-working young man who understands that achieving success in life is the best tribute I can offer to the woman who has played such a big part in shaping who I have become. She illustrates the difficulties of summoning a physician; “transportation difficulties not only delayed doctors’ arrivals but also prevented them from providing continuing care” (41).


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