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Since it is difficult to control the access of underaged audiences to TV programs, children and teenagers are exposed to the risks of developing a wrong perception of relationships based on what they see on TV, which is unacceptable ( though reality shows have become extremely popular, it does not mean they are beneficial for their audiences. When you write a cause and effect essay, you need to explain how specific conditions or events translate into certain effects.

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Like other kinds of popular factual programming (Caldwell, 2004; Raphael, 2009), the growth of culinary television over the past decade has been due in large part to low production costs and an ability to easily adapt content to meet the brand-specific needs of particular niche channels.

As Isabelle de Solier argues (2004), this has led culinary television to expand to include a range of food-related programming that often operates using reality TV formats.

If a person turns their TV on in almost any country, most likely the channels will be filled with different kinds of reality shows.

This is no surprise, because this kind of TV program has become amazingly popular in recent decades.

Every episode the presenter with $100 tells how to save money and at the same time to have fun, and the rich one hides $100 somewhere in the city, which is visited, at the bottle for our tourists. In my opinion, reality shows are good to learn from other people's experiences and to expand our knowledge.

Reality shows that released in my country aren't so popular. There was a talents show but it was canceled and replaced by a singing contest.

During this transition, the types of television personalities who once anchored culinary television have also evolved.

Television cooks that fit the mould of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, as Cheri Ketchum notes (2007), have multiplied to the point of comprising entire days of instructional food programming and are regularly cast as judges, hosts, and, increasingly, contestants on survival-oriented reality shows.

I watch "X Factor" on Youtube because TV company doesn't broadcast reality TV show. Firstly I think X Factor make drama that people excited develop new talent . In addition reality TV program teach us effort is best way to get success and it need everything . Another disadvantage is that , performer is always attend TV but some performer is not fun . However, I don't like reality shows because some of them are foolish and they don't give you nice example. According to the rules of program one of them has to live two days with only 100$, while the second has unlimited amount of money, which located on the golden card.

X Factor find new talented people , such as singer ,dancer ,performer . However , performer makes difference and give us new idea . I don't usually watch reality TV, but I think it's good to watch when you're bored. Every weekend, the two presenters go to different cities in the world.


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