Essay On Republican Motherhood

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This engagement is considered the beginning of the Revolutionary War, with "the shot heard round the world.", when thirteen colonies on the east coast of North America fought to end their membership in the British Empire.

For one thing, Warren envied unmarried women who, she said, were "..from those constant interruptions that necessarily occupy the mind of the wife, the mother, and the mistress" (Kerber 256).

That said, it was apparent that not only did Warren spend a bit of time being envious of those who didn't have as much domestic work to do as she did, she also took the time to make a pact with herself, a plan if you will, to make a "double life" possible.

Additionally, because women were more faithful and…

Mercy Otis Warren "wrestled valiantly throughout her life with the problem of finding time for writing and reflection," Kerber explains on page 256.


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