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Everyone needs to be made aware of poverty and the many negative effects it has on people.There are things that could be done to help reduce the amount of people that are in poverty.Many people struggle to keep themselves above the government’s poverty line, shown by the fact that the percent of poor people in America hasn’t drastically changed over the years....

[tags: Poverty, Sociology, Cycle of poverty] - Poverty Relapse in Appalachia Poverty in America does not only reside in our urban areas, however a large portion of Americans who live in Appalachia have fallen victim to poverty.

Coal-mining towns at one time use to be major industrial powerhouses of America.

For example, the poverty rate for disabled adults from the age of 18-64 is 28.5%, while disabled 18-64 year olds only make up 7.7% of America’s population (Proctor, Semega, and Kollar 16).

Therefore, poverty disproportionately affects disabled adults.... [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Education, High school] - efine poverty/global poverty Poverty is a pertinent global issue that affects a surprisingly large percentage of the world’s population.

When people are living in poverty, sometimes it is not their fault.

Often, unfortunate events that are out of someone’s control can set them up for failure.However, over the span of time these areas in Appalachia have fallen below the poverty line and lack the local resources to help their own citizens.Poverty in Appalachia is due to economic downfall and lack of government support, these once flourishing coal towns are now pits of poverty and are difficult for younger generations to escape....Our SSI text states that the official definition of poverty in regards to nutrition is that a person is expected to live on less than a dollar per meal, this is not a healthy way to live long term (Kerbo, 2012).Another criticism of the poverty line is that it is measured on income prior to taxes being taken out....Reducing poverty would decrease health risks, strengthen the middle class, and help the democracy....[tags: Poverty, Poverty in the United States] - Poverty has been a growing problem in America, and it most likely will never stop being one.This means that one in seven Americans are at risk of suffering from hunger.The increased cost of living and high unemployment rate force about 3.5 million people to make the streets their home (“Overview).They often have a hectic schedule filled with work, school, or other activities that they have to do in order for them to live a somewhat stable life.Unfortunately, there are others who are living in poverty that may be ill or disabled and barely able to survive even if they are receiving money to help with their situation....


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