Essay On Superstition Vs Science

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Science and superstition have some similarities and some differences but both will probably always be arguable.

This shows how sometimes not even science can be definitively proven. People say that superstition can’t be proven but there is controversy surrounding that topic.

Superstition is one of the most popular yet controversial topics.

Science and superstition have been a hot topic for many years. In this research paper science and superstition will be compared and contrasted and ultimately try to find out the truth to science and superstition. Science is defined as the intellectual study of physical and natural environments. Science experiments can however be complicated and will sometimes not have a definitive result.

This topic however has caused controversy and can never seem to be resolved.

The cost of wrongly believing that the rustle came from a lion when it just came from the wind is the wasted energy involved in running away.

The deer could have stayed calm and continued to enjoy the fresh grass.In considering the causes of health problems, we replace our beliefs in evil spirits with our knowledge of viruses and organ failures.In putting defendants on trial, we replace our witch dunking with courts and evidence.Could that rustle be a lion that is preparing to pounce or is it just the wind?This is clearly an important decision; the deer’s life rests on it.Let’s take the example of a car accident caused by a drunk driver.If we initially assumed that the accident was caused by the car’s faulty brakes, then we would just be wrong.In other peoples mind however they only believe science can be proven.For some people superstition is passed from generation to generation and some people have very strong beliefs.Given the bizarre and often disastrous consequences of superstition, from the historical killings of innocent “witches” to the bloodletting treatments for asthma, it may seem foolish to consider whether superstitions offer an advantage to humanity.But in reality, superstitions are simply an overextension of our desire to find truth in the world.


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