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Without the intelligent, no advancements could be made in science in technology and without the strong, buildings would not be constructed.

The beautiful although appealing to sight should not be restricted to look like monsters because of the genes they were born with.

Since this is an essay on how YOU are "differently abled" and on equality, perhaps those words would be good in the title. The constant desire to attain equality in schools and in life contrasts with a natural or unnatural desire to compete and to assert our individuality or genius.

The title can't be "Harrison Bergeron" alone, however you may include it in your title. is a story about attaining equality using some extreme measures and methods.

No matter how anyone tries to change someone on the outside, they will not be truly changed on the inside, hence no one is truly equal even with the handicaps because everyone still obtains there beauty, intelligence or strength it is just hidden behind the handicaps.

Another example of society not being equal is that if the government were to try and make everyone equal with handicaps, then everyone should have them not just the people who are beautiful, intelligent or strong because true equality would be for everyone to be the same, not just having some people have handicaps and some people not have handicaps.

Harrison would meet his fate that night as the Handicapper General swiftly arrives and kills him with a gun.

This short science fiction piece brings a troubling piece of mind to anyone reading it: is overreaching equality worth it in the end?

Utopias fail to be successful because one person always wants to have a little more than someone else, which is what has helped make the American Dream still prevalent in today’s society.

Harrison Bergeron, although noble in his pursuit, acted too promptly without planning.


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