Essay Questions On The Lady Of Shalott

Essay Questions On The Lady Of Shalott-82
On the tapestry itself are several scenes of her life depicted, like a knight on a white horse, which refers to Lancelot.By showing this, the viewer is at once informed about her past.The painting was not only based on Tennyson’s poem, it also tries to bring its atmosphere alive. The poem says that the lady is looking at Camelot almost as if she was in trance, seeing all her mischance. The lady is depicted resolute, quite powerful still, but at the same time she looks very sad.

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The part of the poem where the lady is in the boat, wearing a white dress, loosening the chain, and sets for Camelot can be seen on the painting. But next to the fact that there is a transfer, the painting also appears to be independent of the poem, because it seems to tell a story of its own, or it at least expands this part of the story.

For example, Waterhouse adds to the dark atmosphere and the fact that the lady is going to her end.

Because of this, your eye is immediately drawn to her and her beauty.

This also happens because the point of view of the spectator is at the same level as the Lady.

The poem was loosely based on the Arthurian legend of Elaine of Astolat, though it differs from both the classic and the Italian version of it. She goes to the window to look, the mirror cracks and she knows she is doomed.

Essay Questions On The Lady Of Shalott

The poem is about a young woman who is held prisoner with a curse in a tower on the island Shalott, which is near Camelot. The Lady then steps onto a boat to Camelot, where death is waiting for her. I think it definitely is, because the painting brings two media together.

That can be seen at the candles in the boat, of which only one is still lit. This could symbolize that the Lady is in the autumn of her life, near her end.

But, certainly in the Victorian age, those autumn leaves also stood for the fall of a woman who fell for sexual seduction. Waterhouse also depicted a crucifix on the front of the boat.

Waterhouse based his painting on the poem ‘The lady of Shalott’ (1833) by Lord Alfred Tennyson, and the following part particularly belongs with the painting: The poem can be found in its entirety in attachment A.

The 1842 version, which will also be used in this essay, can be found in attachment B. Then the knight Lancelot rides along and the Lady falls in love when she hears his voice.


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