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When Monsieur Bonacieux asks d’Artagnan to help him find his wife, Madame Bonacieux, d’Artagnan asks for the However, when Monsieur Bonacieux does reunite with his wife, after his imprisonment in the Bastille, he resorts to this idea to get his wife to disclose to him the whose favor she asks him to perform.

When Madame Bonacieux is met with resistance from her husband regarding the favor, she states that he is a woman.

Here, we gather together the biggest, non-silent English language versions – from 1948, 1973, 19 – and compare and contrast the casts that brought them to life.

The focus of Dumas’ novel and the way in to most of the films to an audience unused to Musketeers, D’Artagnan is young, hot-headed but also a legitimately talented fighter who idealistically sets off to join the Musketeers (a group of Royal guards armed with, amongst other things, muskets) but immediately embroils himself in trouble.

York is best at projecting D’Artagnan’s relative innocence and rash, unthinking heroism, while O’Donnell does well at his idealism.

Lerman gets relatively little screen time devoted to character development, but manages the combination of cockiness and inexperience nicely.Like, three-duels-in-a-day-followed-by-nation-shaking-political-intrigue trouble. Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d' Artagnan, joined the Musketeers in 1632 and rose through the ranks, becoming effective Commander of the re-formed Musketeers by 1667 under Louis XIV.He was involved in the arrest and imprisonment of Louis XIV’s notorious finance minister Fouquet, who may have been the real “man in the iron mask”. Gene Kelly’s probably the best looking of the bunch and certainly has the best footwork among the contenders – as you’d expect from a dancer.Overall, York is our favourite – he’s the funniest by quite some distance, but handles tragedy just as well. Athos is the strong, silent leader of this trio, a sort of core group within the Musketeers and, it is implied, the best of the best among their number.Prone to dark moods, quick flashes of temper and drink, he’s also noble, heroic and all that good stuff. Well, he’s sort of loosely connected to Armand d’Athos, who was a friend of the real d’Artagnan and a Musketeer.Read more Despite their unflagging worldwide popularity, their perennial availability, and their innumerable cinematographic adaptations, the works of Alexandre Dumas père have been largely unappreciated...Read more The dramatic writings of Alexandre Dumas père, long absent from publishers' booklists and often granted little more than la portion congrue (an extremely small place) in critical assessments o...De Treville 3.  The audience 4.  The shoulder of Athos, the baldric of Por...Read more Alexandre Dumas (1803-1870), the prolific French author of plays, popular romances, and historical novels, wrote The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo. Read more Towards the end of his ebullient and prolific career, Alexandre Dumas took pen in hand not to dash off one more spell-binding drama or history-filled epic, but to complain to the Emperor of rough hand...Additionally, the weakness of women impacts the daily lives of women as well.When the women are walking in the streets alone, and any of the male characters see them, they instantly offer their arm to the woman, so that the lady may not walk in fear through the streets of Paris.


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