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And as Benjamin Franklin says "Wealth is not his, that has it, but his that enjoys it”. They do not take care in eating food at the right time.However, there is a tendency of large number of people to run after wealth. In the process of gathering more wealth, they also undergo a lot of stress.

Ask yourself if you'd like to be the one who wants to enjoy the nature of trees, lakes, and other natural beauty.

Or if you want to be the one who is so well off financially, maybe you don't even think anything of beautiful mountains.

He can lead a happy and contented life with what he has.

As he is healthy, there will be no diseases to bother him.

If we have health, we probably will be happy and if we have both health and happiness we have all the wealth we need. In order to achieve and maintain good health there is a certain guide of do’s and don’ts that you have to follow some activities.

They are having sufficient and nutritious food, doing regular exercise, having proper sleeping habit etc. But if he has a grave disease like cancer or something, all his wealth becomes useless. He will be slowly crawling inch by inch towards death.As he is healthy, he can always work and earn his daily bread.Being ill or not feeling well can drastically affect your work.Obviously, if you feel physically and mentally healthy, you can be more productive.A person can be said to possess good health when he is free from any sort of physical or mental disease.This then becomes the most priced possession for man and something that even money can’t buy.all these habits will result to a good health or a healthy person.Again some bad habits (Such as smoking, drinking, having junk food etc) are forbidden in order to have good health.Only when someone has become serious ill do people realize the true importance of their health and the health of their friends and family.Overview on health Health: Being physically healthy is of prime importance in life.


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