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Lamb went to school at Christ’s Hospital, and studied there until 1789.

In 1792 he worked in the East India House, which was the head of the East India Company.

Darwin’s books on evolution and natural selection proved uncomfortable aspects of our world at the same time that they were an assault on Christian religious truths (and often not so subtle in its attack).

By theorizing (and proving some of it pretty well for a nineteenth century scientist) that we evolved from lower species, Darwin outright rejected the notion that humans are animal.

In 1796 his sister, Mary, in a fit of madness killed their mother, leading to Lamb taking the responsibility of her care upon himself.

He remained at the East India House until retirement in 1825.

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There were, actually, three distinct stages in Victorianism: Stage One.

The first from 1830 -50, which was marked by radical social uphevals in both Europe and England in which a working class began to revolt, and socialism began to accelerate as either a danger or a salvation (depending upon your politics, I suppose).


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