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Selfs perception of other people; whether or not love is a strong enough reason to trust one another.

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Sent to the asylum for his eccentric behaviour, Zac forms a harmful addiction to his prescribed medication and is able to break into the pharmacy and feed his addition.

It is only on a lighter dosage that Zac appears to function normally, and his occurs nearing to the plays conclusion, overall highlighting the ineffectiveness of merely handing out drugs in order to crush mental illness and suggesting that treatment occurs at a better rate when an individual is off medication.

It is this humour that allows the audience to feel comfortable, despite the tragedy that Cosi also introduces.

Nowra intended for Cosi to be laughable at some points but behind this, the play reveals terrible truths about mental institutes in Australia during the 1970s.

The comical nature of the play is formed through the exaggerated emotions of the mental patients, such as Doug and Cherry, who are seen as amusing and enjoyable when compared to bleak characters such as Lucy and Nick.

Doug is a character that blatantly encourages the crowd to laugh due to his shocking brass nature and his offhand comments which include want a root and great tits.Additionally, Cosi also shares insight into the nature of fidelity through the intrapersonal relationships of the characters, allowing the audience to question and reconstruct their own beliefs.Although the setting of Cosi is glum, humour spreads itself right through the play, engaging and entertaining the audience.Moreover, Brazil needs to undergo a transition from resource to innovation-driven growth.Jeong Dong Lee Johns hopkins university essays that worked After graduation from the HNC, he joined a China-based consultancy helping multinational companies navigate fraud and security risks throughout greater China.Louis Nowra includes dramatic techniques such as setting, humour, meta-theatre and symbolism to engross the audience into the world of Cosi while conveying certain themes.Lewis is always desperate for work as he states "I need the money"."Neighbours actor to star in cult play featuring queer characters", Cos, press release " Cosi at Urban Stages" Archived at the Wayback Machine.She says that drugs make her feel sort of living and compares junk to love, saying that Some people cant imagine life without love while she cant imagine life without junk (p. :]Nowra shares more than just humour in Cosi Cosi by Lewis Nowra is a humorous but tragic play.Beneath the comedy, several ideas are explored through the narration of the play; through the life of the asylum patients, Nowra highlights the miserable reality they face daily, subtly making a statement about the poor treatment of the mentally ill.


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