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From Hart himself, however, and his writing, we receive nothing of the bland or cautious middle.He dwells naturally at the extremes: in style and in rhetoric, in wholehearted celebration and sharp denunciation, and in joyous advocacy of patristic tradition.

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They are not likely to yield their full promise for any reader without a substantial background in philosophy.

As is once again obvious from this collection, Hart is one of those thinkers who can address seemingly any question or topic that comes his way, with both insight and wit.

A Trinitarian outlook is particularly foundational. In the preface, Hart mentions a “new resolve to strike a more emollient tone whenever I can”.

In presenting earlier writing here, he writes, he has not toned down what he had written previously, but — it seems — we might expect a more eirenic tone in future.

Margaret’s Westminster Abbey, as well as Black Rod’s Office.

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We are seeking to engage an inspiring priest who would be capable of bringing a fresh and vibrant approach to church life and witness.

A distinction between “topics” and “resources”, however, is only half useful in summarising his approach.

For Hart, doctrines are as much resources as they are questions to be addressed: for instance, when it comes to working out a Christian response to politics and economics.

Looking back at his occasional output, Hart lays claim to the heritage of Christian Platonism: indeed, more so in retrospect than in these essays themselves.

“I really cannot imagine”, he writes, “an alternative metaphysics for theology that does not ultimately collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.”Today, there are few more learned and eloquent advocates than Hart for this golden thread running through Christian intellectual history, and beyond and before.


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