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Although many of the cases have suspects listed, there have been arrests made in only one case (Thacker).” This is potentially enough time for the rapist, who has not There are many different types of rape; there is “acquaintance rape, stranger rape, marital rape, gang rape, and drug facilitated rapes (Types of Rape).” “Deaths associated with rape are known to occur, though the prevalence of fatalities varies considerably across the world (Effects and Aftermath of Rape).” No matter the type of rape, the victims are left with bad memories.

But I just give her all my advice, and offer her a place to stay.

She tells me that suicide is still an option in her mind.

This crime makes the world cold and scary and ruins the lives of the victims.

There are a few different types of rape, yet they all have the same effects on the victims.

The fourth is Marital Rape, forcible sex between two people who are legally married.

The Final is Gang Rape, which is when a group of men attack a defenseless or inebriated victim and force sexual intercourse against her will.

The essays were usually written by a friend who was told that his or her friend had been sexually assaulted. I slowly tied it around my neck when all of a sudden I heard the front door open. Sometimes talking to someone helps clear your mind.

It was shocking to discover that 12 of the essays described rapes and attempted rapes. My friend told me that as long as I continue being her best friend that she will block out all the bad things and start to think about the future.

As often as this occurs in the world we live in today, rape is the easiest charge to make yet the most difficult to prove.

“At least five rapes have been reported in Clarksville in the last six months.


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