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Three categories of rhetoric devices to accelerate the process: Tutors often call these categories modes of persuasion, rhetorical strategies or rhetoric appeals. Try to find at least two instances of each in your text for analysis.Logos are all devices where logic and reasoning are used to prove their point.However, there are also less extreme examples in texts and videos.

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The problem is that Wikipedia lists more than hundred of devices, all in sophisticated Greek terms.

Years ago, I used to browse them one-by-one, trying to guess whether my assigned text includes them.

In rhetorical analysis essays, tutors assign you a text — or an article, video or a song — and want you to find the persuasive effect of this text on people.

Moreover, they require you to explain what author does to create such effect.

It means that you should suppose what author wants to achieve with his contents, and then make your statement.

For example, in the advertisement of Old Spice, it is appropriate to write that marketers want people to purchase deodorant, while methods may be different.

As soon as you see something that seems witty, fun, outraging or true-to-life in the text or video, stop and check the list above.

You will surely find that it qualifies for pathos appeal.

You may write that the commercial wants to persuade athletes because the main character is muscular and often appears in the locker room.

It may also want to convince women because the video shows an attractive male — and you will be correct in both cases.


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