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These mass media tools have made the world a smaller place in a way, also called (globalization).The way media affects education are great and varied when you think about it.

Harmful effects may result from sensationalization of violent behavior, exposure to subtle or explicit sexual content, promotion of unrealistic body images, presentation of poor health habits as desirable practices, and exposure to persuasive advertising targeting children (Influence on Children media, retrieved on Sept 23rd 07).

As you can tell, media acts as that double-edged sword that can hurt as much as help whoever wields it.

Back when Columbus sailed the ocean blue the world had the misconception that the earth was flat, and why did they have this theory?

Because that is what was printed on every map that was distributed back then making media at fault.

If a teacher demonstrates media literacy then so will the students.

This can be seen if anybody has ever been taught the difference between legitimate and illegitimate websites.Media is such a massive part of our lives and it is everywhere we turn.How could it not affect our lives in terms of education?It is based solely on ones ability to create media for a mass audience with certain undertones of persuasiveness to it, like getting people to go to a concert.PR people control media and bend it to their will so they can manipulate people.Media's influence on children has steadily increased as new and more sophisticated types of media have been developed and made available to the American public.Beneficial effects include early readiness for learning, educational enrichment, opportunities to view or participate in discussions of social issues, exposure to the arts through music and performance, and entertainment.Americans were not the first to invent schooling but were the first to believe that if the people are educated to a certain degree then they can rule themselves.The first sentence of this paper could also read that American technology is largely a product of the quest for progress, is this not true also?Teacher education needs media literacy as an essential tool and topic in the new millennium (Schwarz, 2001). Media such as internet, is constantly growing and changing, thus educators must stay with the times and keep up by using these tools for their students.With the help of new media power teachers would be more able to offer students information from around the world at an even faster and easier rate.


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