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Believing you could be anything in America, Jing-mei's mother hoped for her daughter to become a prodigy.Being born in America, Jing-mei had a very independent and disobedient type of behavior.Jing-mei doesn't show promise in this area, either. Woo hits upon the answer: Jing-mei will be a piano virtuoso. Woo trades housecleaning services for Jing-mei's piano lessons from Mr.

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A few weeks later, Jing-mei participates in a talent show in a church hall.

All the couples from the Joy Luck Club come to her piano debut.

The weak applause and her parents' disappointed looks reveal the unmistakable truth: Jing-mei is not a musical prodigy.

As a result, Jing-mei is shocked when her mother expects her to continue practicing. " At the mention of the twin daughters in China that she was forced to abandon years ago, Mrs.

One day, the Woos meet Lindo Jong and her daughter Waverly. Jong brags about Waverly's success as a chess prodigy.

Not to be outdone, Jing-mei's mother brags about her daughter's "natural pride," and the young girl immediately becomes even more determined than ever to thwart her mother's ambitions. Woo scrapes together enough money to buy a secondhand piano.

The story portrays Chinese mothers to have very high expectations.

With broken English, she is presented as a non-emotional mother with a strict attitude. It is evident that she had high hopes for her daughter, but was too stubborn to hear what Jing-mei wanted.

A feud started and Jing-mei said many things that hurt her mother.

In this argument, Jing-mei said, "You want me to be someone that I'm not. "� "Them" refers to her mother's twin baby girls who died back in China. Over the years, Jing-mei's mother slowly forgave her hurtful words.


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