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Activists such as Peter Singer and Tom Regan are noted and their positions stated. Mankind's arrogance has created a world of pain and suffering for his animal counterparts.

Morality is considered as the basis for many of the arguments and the paper concludes that perhaps a compromise in treatment of animals in society can be reached. From research and testing to animals in entertainment to the seemingly innocent "sport" of recreational fishing, animals constantly forfeit their intrinsic rights to a life free of pain, suffering and exploitation.

Morality is not only the black and white that the "simple" so seemingly effortlessly can see, with that clear line of demarcation between it and immorality.

Focus is increasingly narrowed in our harried lives of today, but all of us are charged with keeping vigilance on the level of standard we will tolerate. : A 4 page piece on how the utilitarian ideal, which states that individual rights must be given up for the greater good of all, has been applied to the recent anti-smoking agenda in America. A realistic look at the pro-choice (abortion) argument and its implications.

Given this situation, via Kant's advice, it behooves consumers to continue policing all levels of government in order to find the protection from harm to which they are entitled. : A 6 page philosophy paper that argues in support of virtues over utilitarian treatment of relatives with a disabling disease such as Alzheimer’s. Few could argue with Adam Smith’s statement that "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Those businesses that refuse to look after their own self interests will not be businesses long enough to have any impact.

The paper posits the requirements for the younger generations today and in the future, discusses the utilitarian ideal, and then argues against the application of the ideal to the instant case. At the same time, however, there can certainly be regard for a larger purpose.

The writer addresses several aspects where animals are forced to relinquish their rights as living beings. : A 4 page paper on how animal rights are viewed under the eudaimonism ideal of self-realization.

The paper presents Charles Norton's views on eudaimonism and outlines a process for the coming together of the bioscience and activist communities (cited example) in regards to animal testing.

A discussion of how it relates to various relationships throughout history is included. : This 5 page paper analyzes the third essay of the popular work.

The essay addresses a variety of issues, including mental illness and religion, but the primary focus is on asceticism. : A 5 page essay on Alasdair Mac Intyre's "After Virtue" and the application of his philosophy to academic dishonesty & ethics.


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