Extended Essay Supervision Sheet

Extended Essay Supervision Sheet-65
Schools are responsible for ensuring that these external mentors are aware of the limits of their role in providing this service.

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There are 2 major final steps before you have determined the Predicted Grade.

Well, keep in mind that as a student with the Toronto District School Board, you are offered a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

We can make good guesses about how hard the student worked, but we aren’t always right.

As an examiner, I don’t need to know how you think the student will perform against the criteria or even an A – E mark.

This is done through the supervision process, including the three mandatory reflection sessions and the completion of the Students should be encouraged to initiate discussions with their supervisor to obtain advice and information and the role of the supervisor should be explained to them so that there is a shared understanding of expectations and responsibilities.

Supervisors must ensure that they understand the important role they play in supporting students in this process.However, in circumstances where the school deems it appropriate, students may undertake their research at an institute or university under the guidance of an external mentor.This must be with the agreement of the school, and the external mentor must be provided with a letter outlining the nature of the extended essay and clear instructions about the level of guidance that is permitted.By commenting on this you can give the examiner an insight into the process that the student underwent when creating and writing the essay.Other than personal comments regarding interest in the subject (especially when the student has a personal connection to the content), we examiners do not know the student.These comments can help the examiner award a level for criterion H. Most of us spend between 3 and 5 hours on each student.Do not comment on any adverse personal circumstances that may have affected the candidate.” What should we write? This time involves reading, commenting, meeting with the student and discussing both the progress and the final result.The supervisor plays an important role in helping students to plan and undertake their research for the extended essay.The relationship should be an active two-way process with the supervisor primarily there to support and guide the student, during the supervision and reflection sessions, at the planning stage, and when the student is carrying out and writing up their research.Only a supervisor within the school is permitted to complete the reflection process for the extended essay with the student and provide both signature and comments on the (RPPF).The nature of these comments may be informed by the external mentor but must not be provided by them.


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