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The conclusion should summarise the main points you have made, bringing them together into a final overview, but without repetition of the details in the main body of the essay.

Do not be surprised, when you move from the plan to the essay itself, if the logic of what you write leads you to rearrange the originally planned order of points: this is a common experience of everyone who has to translate brief jottings into a more continuous form of writing.

From , edited by Gordon Brotherston & Mario Vargas Llosa (London: Bristol Classical Press, 1999), p. Any further page references to the same source should then follow in brackets after the quotation eg: "We are told that they greeted each other 'con un ademán nervioso e instantáneo'" (p. (Notice that if you ever have to quote within a quotation, you use single inverted commas for the embedded words).

Note also that the title of a story, poem or article in an edited volume or anthology should appear in inverted commas (" "), but that for the title of a book we use (Sergio Leone, 1968). 325–46 Students who are unsure about how to present references, or who need further details, should refer to the standard publication used by most scholars in the Humanities, the MHRA Style Guide, available for download online at: Guide/download.shtml N.

Word Limits: Please note you will be penalised by one point if you exceed a given word limit by more than 10%, and by a further point per additional 10% over.

The title and footnotes are included in the word count, whereas the bibliography and appendices are excluded from the word count.Footnotes should be used mainly for references to texts, and only rarely for brief comments related to the content of the essay. B: Quotations and ideas from a critical source MUST ALWAYS be acknowledged in order to avoid any suggestion of plagiarism (see advice in the Good Academic Practice Policy).If the information cannot be integrated in the text of your essay, it is usually a digression and better left out. When you take notes from a secondary source you should take care to distinguish clearly between your own commentary and the text that you copy, which should always be in inverted commas with the precise bibliographical reference provided.The introduction and conclusion of an essay are often the hardest parts to write - the final draft of the introduction may in fact be the last thing you write.The introduction should grasp the subject in its essentials, and make clear, explicitly or implicitly, what your essay is going to be about and how you are going to approach it.Experts often disagree with each other, so you may find yourself agreeing with one but not the other, or agreeing in part with one and in part with another.Whatever the case, make sure that your own voice comes through, and is not drowned by that of others.If you are paraphrasing the ideas from a published source you should also declare this in a reference.It is a good idea to head the piece of paper that you are writing on when you begin your reading and note-taking with the full details of the book (author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication), and then add the page numbers in bracket after each quotation (in inverted commas) or paraphrase from the book.This may include quotations from a literary text; if so, make sure they are pertinent to the point you are making.Use quotation marks and page references, and make sure that quotations fit into the grammatical structure of the sentence in which they are inserted - this can often be difficult when inserting a phrase in a foreign language into the middle of an English sentence.


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