Family Traditions Essay

More importantly, traditions create positive memories for children.Children crave the warmth and promise that comes with traditions.

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Every holiday season, there are a few things that I look forward to.

Mostly my list is pretty basic, filled with things like going to a pumpkin patch, watching cheesy Christmas movies, and listening to live holiday music somewhere.

Happy childhood memories offer positive benefits that children take with them long into adulthood.

Families are not perfect, and there is no “perfect family tradition.” To create a ritual in your family, just bring a little creativity, a great story and a lot of love to the table. *** My dad passed away several years ago, taking with him the secret ingredient to our Thanksgiving soup.

Some have been handed down for generations while others you may have just started when you had kids.

Either way they are the perfect way to bring the family together in celebration!A tradition is defined as “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.” (Credit given to Google) For me, a tradition is a recreated act or moment that reminds us of the importance of family.Traditions may have been passed down from 5 generations or it is something you started when you first got married.Psychologist Marshall Duke and co-founder of the Families and Work Institute surveyed children, asking them what they would remember most about their childhood.Most of the kids responded by describing everyday traditions like family dinners, bedtime stories, and watching television shows together.The homes, time, and holidays all had to be divided up.This required that everyone be flexible and accommodating.Just because there are not generations of relatives binding individuals by blood doesn’t mean loving traditions can’t make a lifelong impact.Family rituals tell children a story about who they are and what is important to the family, and it creates a connection that comes from feeling like they are a part of something unique and extraordinary.It’s a family tradition from my childhood, however, that I’m not willing to let die.So my children are booted from the kitchen every morning on Thanksgiving Day while I make the family soup with a brand new secret ingredient.


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