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And we study some of their writings in another video on the anti-Federalist Papers, in particular on Brutus I, which is the most prominent of them.In this video we're gonna focus on the other side, on the folks who are aggressively advocating for ratification of the Constitution.

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Being aware of the risk, however, the federalists can construct a union that will not fall victim to factions.

Madison takes a moment to define a faction as a group of citizens whose aims are antithetical to the common good or to other groups of citizens.

However, he feared factions that held negative ideals and worked against the best interests of society.

One of the most popular contemporary interpretations of Paper 10 takes the advice on factions to extend to political parties in general.

By this token, Madison suggests that political parties are dangerous because they can work against the public, but he sees no way to halt them from forming.

Instead, he suggests a representative republic form of government (where men vote for representatives who vote for laws).First of all, if the faction is not the majority, the "republican principle" is enough to manage the faction: they will not win a majority vote.Madison proposes a republic as the panacea for the ills of factions.Federalist Paper 10 is one of the most popular and recognizable of the collection.It is one of history's most highly praised pieces of American political writing.He then goes on to propose two ways of dealing with factions: eliminating the causes and managing the effects.Right away, Madison says that we can't eliminate the causes because the only ways to do so are to remove freedom of thought and action or to make everyone have the same opinions.Choosing that form instead of a direct, true democracy ensures that the factions that gain power will not have the ability to harm the rights of others.The paper itself suggests that the government must either limit the forming of factions or control their effects.Factions are groups of citizens, and can be both dangerous and necessary.Madison believed that factions are unavoidable because men, by nature, seek out other men who hold similar opinions and desires.


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