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Moran explains some important distinctions between 12-week business planning and annual business planning. Unless you have a crystal ball, you have to make a lot of assumptions about what will happen through the year.Trying to determine the right actions to take several months into the future is very difficult, if not impossible.You could just get in your car and start driving, but what if you can’t get to your destination by car?

A new client walks into your office to ask for some guidance on his or her finances and some potential investment decisions.

As you start talking with the client, you hear that the client doesn’t really want to talk about setting retirement goals or identifying what he/she will need to focus on in order to achieve them down the road, but just wants to address the immediate concern right now.

In addition, as we get further into the year, it can feel as if it’s not worth starting now, and instead, maybe we will start again fresh next year. At Nationwide, we’re committed to using business plans to help our teams and our wholesalers be successful.

We’ve used the concepts mapped out by Brian Moran in “The 12 Week Year” to successfully do so.

With 12-week planning, you can have much more certainty about what you need to do as you think about each week over the next 12 weeks.

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The great thing about this is that you can link specific actions to the results you want to achieve and course correct much sooner if you need to. Instead of trying to squeeze a year’s worth of activities into your plan, you can focus on the few things that will have the greatest impact during those 12 weeks.When you do assign tasks to your assistant, make sure you are holding him/her accountable and giving feedback as well.It will be something they start to expect as well, which is one more step in keeping both of you accountable. Be time-bound: Includes dates by which the goal is to be reached, or when a project is to be executed.If that is not the case, the accountability is on you.Knowing you are accountable can help you push and motivate yourself.One of the key concepts in this book is that the difficulty with annual plans is that we always think we have more time to achieve our goals.Because we think this way, we lack a sense of urgency and act accordingly.This allows you to drive toward those goals with that sense of urgency and energy that you might associate with that ‘final push’ in December.Now you can work to achieve those same great results in 12-week increments for even greater results by the time you get to year end! You see the benefits of planning in 12-week increments, so how do you do that?For example, instead of asking for referrals in every client interaction, which may be too much, set a goal to ask for a referral in at least three client meetings a week. Assign accountability: This may be the most important step of all.This applies to people who are helping you with a certain project.


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