Free Poultry Farming Business Plan

Free Poultry Farming Business Plan-22
Poultry farming is usually the business i recommend for retirees and individuals who are passionate about livestock farming.In the past, people were nonchallant about breeding birds or cultivating crops for profits.Bird droppings fall on the floor and are cleaned mechanically by a scraper.

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This system cannot be used for commercial poultry farming because of the high level of risks involved. Deep Litter System-: This system involves spreading wood shavings or saw dust on a concrete ground with the chickens placed on the floor and the dust serving as a ‘cushion’ for them.But with the recent global burst in population and a worldwide demand for food, people are now beginning to realize the potential of providing the most important basic need of man.Poultry farming is a viable business anytime any day; and to be sincere with you, it’s a business I have been considering for some time now.The cages are usually split into different compartments to house small groups of birds.The cages also contain feeding and water troughs as well as laying nests.The dust is changed regularly, either by removing and replacing or by layering.Deep litter system is used by a lot of poultry farmers because it increases efficiency and makes it easier to manage large flocks of birds but it allows for a faster spread of diseases when there is an outbreak and also makes it difficult to fish out unproductive birds. Battery Cage System-: As for the battery cage system, metal cages are constructed inside a building to house the birds.You need to find a balance, look for a place that is favorable to you and would also be favorable to your customers at the same time. Housing your birds Another important factor to consider is the poultry housing system and fencing options.Poultry housing system determines up to 40% of the rater of success you would achieve in poultry farming.Layers are usually raised mainly for laying eggs so if egg production is your area of specialization, you would need to stock your farm with layers but if you prefer to opt for meat production instead, then you would need broilers instead because broilers have the ability to grow very fat and gives more return on investment because they weigh a lot more than other breeds.But for this article, I will be focusing on poultry breeding for egg and meat purposes with respect to the domestic fowl.


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