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There’s plenty of ways to make French fun for students if you begin doing one or two of these recommendations chances are your student’s homework completion will double or triple in success and quality.These exercises might be more suitable for GCSE/A-Level students. Once you’ve started to apply some of these, you’ll have a better idea of what your student tend to enjoy and you can then tailor the French homework to what they enjoy and benefit from.

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Ask them to go away and download the app on a family i Pad or even on one of their own devices (which they probably own!

) and ask them to take a few lessons to get the ball rolling, ask them in the morning to share their result and some of the issues that they struggled with during the lesson.

Fluent U is an immersive but flexible tool to help you improve your French alongside your targeted homework questions.

Fluent U lets you learn French from real-world content like music videos, commercials, news broadcasts, cartoons and inspiring talks.

Get the students to note down the characters names, remove subtitles, and capture the storyline in detail explaining how they were able to define what the storyline was.

This will help them to use the French language to actively search for clues during the episode to what is going on. Giving them TV to use as homework will get on their nerves, so assign this assignment with concrete intentions that the students understand to avoid backlash from the parents.

Using the home time to revise and grow their knowledge of the French language can save you huge amounts of time during classes repeating the same content to them, helping them to move onto the more advanced or more curriculum important topics.

The most valuable thing you can do when looking at how to assign fun French homework is to make the French homework relevant to their current interests.

If this isn’t something you think will be useful for the students, ask them to use the episodes to explore the culture of French living and note down some of the things they notice from the episodes to what is different to the US or UK culture. All of these recommendations will help a great deal towards understanding how to assign fun french homework in your French classes.

Students will become more enthusiastic and engaged during lessons as they see progress in their own work.


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