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Benoit Mandelbrot was the main developer of Fractal Geometry in the late 1970s.

Benoit Mandelbrot was the main developer of Fractal Geometry in the late 1970s.

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In this paper we use the techniques of Fractal Geometry to generate parameters which provide a measure of roughness.

In this way we show that the French Gothic cathedrals do not only follow Euclidean geometric patterns, but also have a general non-random fractal pattern.

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In Laon cathedral (1156–1160) and Notre Dame cathedral (1163), the central nave was raised and the light became the dominant element.

It was also then that construction of Chartres cathedral began.

The classical Gothic style was adapted in France into numerous regional ramifications.

Our study focuses into a subset of 20 French cathedrals which are predominantly Gothic in style, were built in the region called Île de France between the 11th and 13th centuries, and are representative of the total population of Gothic cathedrals (Fig.

These techniques have also been used in other kinds of architectural studies (see Bovill ; and by means of this parameter we will study the existence of a yet unknown pattern in French Gothic cathedrals.

This generated fractal parameter will give a measure of the unevenness of their structures, which in turn determines their space-filling ability, which is also a measure of their level of roughness.


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