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The thing to note here is that the nature of the mind maps force you think about sub topics and how to organize your ideas.

The thing to note here is that the nature of the mind maps force you think about sub topics and how to organize your ideas.

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A comprehensive diagram pretty much does the summation for you. Usually, the mind map starts with the thesis (or main idea) at the center.

From there, you can branch out with your supporting evidence.

Once you’ve created a map to document all your ideas and establish connections, you can easily transition to other forms of diagramming to better organize the information.

For example if you’re writing a research paper about the food web of the Australian bushes you can start with a diagram similar to the one below.

Ask any student – essay writing is one of the most despised tasks of their educational career.

Perhaps there is so much displeasure associated with the task because it’s perceived as too linear – there isn’t enough visual and creative appeal.If you look closely you can see that its very similar to a mind map.But a concept maps gives more of a free reign compares to the rigid topic structure of a mind map.They’ll help you think outside the box, draw conclusions you wouldn’t normally observe, and make the entire process faster and more efficient.The phrase “graphic organizer” is just a fancy way of saying “diagram” or “visual aid.” Basically, they are a visual representation of the information you’ve acquired in the research process.We have lots more mind map templates for you to get started.A concept map will help you visualize the connection between ideas.There are quite a few reasons why you should use them when writing essays or summaries.When it comes to essay writing, the most common graphic organizers are webs, mind maps, and concept maps.But if you use graphic organizer for writing essays then you can make writing enjoyable – or at least less terrible.Not only enjoyable but graphic organizers (or diagrams) can make the writing process a snap.


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