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If you love what you do but want to work for yourself, consider consulting in your area of expertise as an independent contractor.If you’re skilled at search engine optimization, for example, offer SEO audits and advice.

Advances in technology have made it easier for people to work remotely than ever before.

Telecommuting is so common, in fact, that many government agencies now allow and even encourage it.

Give value to your readers in the form of helpful information, entertainment or both.

Then, find ways to monetize your blog through advertisements, donations or exclusive content.

You could even sell exclusive e-books or online courses. Every company needs quality content—from website descriptions to blog posts.

If you’ve got creative energy and a way with words, consider freelance writing.Whether you’re writing blog articles and other content for companies or you’re proofreading and editing, you could have a rewarding career working from home as a writer or editor.If you’ve got an eye for design and know how to use the right computer programs, try out graphic design work.The possibilities for remote work are endless—you just have to know what to look for!Here’s a list of common work-from-home roles for all interests and skill sets."So you’ve decided you want to work from home. Remember that you’re making this switch because you want to improve your life—whether that means having more time to spend with your family or working in a field you truly enjoy.Working from home can come in many forms, including performing your existing job duties remotely, taking on a side gig or even building your own small business."Feeling uninspired by your nine-to-five day job?Looking for extra income and fulfillment on the side?You deserve a career that gives you the flexibility to work how and when you want—and if you want it, you can have it.The only things you need are a little imagination and the right conversation with your current or future employer.Much like with writing, you can build your own graphic design business once you have a robust portfolio of logos, infographics or other designs.  If you aren’t a graphic designer, but you’re interested in learning, you can find plenty of graphic design courses online to gain the skills you need to get started. You could run a photography business from a home-based studio or offer services as a photographer or videographer for special events.Consider specializing in certain types of photography, like weddings, school portraits or family photos.


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