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She co-hosts Richer Life Lab, a weekly podcast that delivers practical tips for managing money, career and life.An American expat in Munich, Germany, Kate loves nerding out with a good behavioral study or chilling out with Bier and pretzels.

She co-hosts Richer Life Lab, a weekly podcast that delivers practical tips for managing money, career and life.

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Do it regularly, though, and you’ll develop a positive habit that takes your productivity to new levels.

Here’s how to get started: Just as you start to become conscious in the morning, but while your eyes are closed and your brain’s still dreamy, think of the most immediate problem or task you have to face today.

Of course, regardless of how expected (or important) workplace problem-solving is, it’s still stressful, and some people seem to be better at it than others.

You probably spend a large part of your waking hours tackling challenges, especially when you’re at work. Many of the world’s top business visionaries, from Sara Blakely to Richard Branson, owe their success to their ability to identify problems (in both their cases, unmet consumer needs) and deliver solutions.

This will help you know what questions to ask yourself during this mental state in the future. Often it’s just about finding a path around a block in the road, or crossing a bridge from a half-baked idea to a truly useful one—and why not do that before you even get out of bed?

Kate is a freelance writer and podcaster who covers career search, professional development, productivity and business innovation for Huffington Post, The Economist’s Executive Education Navigator and other sites.

Now, to be honest, you’ll probably forget to do this every day when you first start, but over time you’ll be able to make it a habit, just another part of your morning routine.

If you’re like me, the most frustrating part of problem-solving in theta is that you tend to forget these inspired ideas once you get up and start rolling.

Herrmann continues on to break down each state by decreasing wave frequency.

At your most active, you generate beta waves (like, if you were in the middle of a job interview).


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