How To Motivate Kids To Do Homework

How To Motivate Kids To Do Homework-59
And make success possible so that they can experience it.

And make success possible so that they can experience it.Show your kids what achievement feels like so they know what to reference the next time they need to find motivation from within. Yup, ones like money, a privilege, or a new toy, is a short-term tactic.

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You know they’ll sleep better with the pillows arranged just the right way, and it takes you two seconds to do.

But what if you held back and allowed your kids to experience the consequences of not finishing a task?

They miss out on key lessons, like developing self-motivation, a love of learning and doing a job well.

Rather than the dire results your kids will face, focus instead on positive ones.

None of this would register if you’d finished the tasks and saved them from the consequences. Let him answer to his teacher and experience a less-than-expected grade.

Did he not wash all the dishes, or made his bed haphazardly? An SSBE reader emailed me about this exact situation, and many of us can relate.The desire simply isn’t there, leading to potential arguments and nagging.What does your child get out of finishing a project?Talk about the positive effects of doing their job such as a cleaner kitchen, a more organized bookshelf or learning something new.So, how can we get kids to actually important tasks they need to complete? The chores we swore they’d be responsible for remain undone.First, let’s back track and examine a typical conversation between parents and kids. And we point out all the ways they’re time they’ll follow through and finish.We may even get into arguments over cleaning their room or finishing their Thanksgiving turkey project. What if we tried one technique first, one that would make kids finish tasks they started, all on their own? We’re all more driven when we’re self-motivated, even as adults.Motivation removes nagging because kids find joy in doing the tasks within themselves.After all, the “mistakes” are petty compared to the lessons they learn from doing things on their own.So they didn’t rake the leaves as neatly or even as effectively as you do, but they learned the importance of contributing to the household and the pride of a job well done.


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