How To Solve Problem In Relationship

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If you want to define the problem in order to find the solution, the best way would be to come clean about the problem. Take your time and talk but most importantly, be prepared to listen.

And always remember that complaining about something is not the same as defining the problem clearly. It will not be easy but it is for the greater good.

So long as you're able to communicate in a mature, effective way, any issues that arise during the course of your relationship will be no biggie.

Of course, there's no way to predict what issues might pop up — but if you want a general idea, here are nine relationship problems that are universal to pretty much all couples that you can be on the lookout for in your own relationship. But it's not the end of the world, and it's also totally possible to get out of a sex rut.

But what exactly does it mean to have a productive fight in a relationship?

"A productive argument is one where each of you sticks to the topic, don’t lose your tempers or raise your voices, can actually listen to each other’s perspective, don’t engage in name calling, don’t 'agree' when you don’t mean it, and don’t storm off or shut down," Lesli Doares, couples consultant and coach, tells Bustle.

If you keep your problems under the carpet it will eventually lead to a divorce, a breakup or it will represent a constant source of stress.

When you are constantly under stress and unsatisfied, you might easily lose the will to live.

Any relationship has its problems and couples have their own ways how they handle and manage those issues.

Sometimes, these problems are actually just a child’s play but when the children come, everything greatly changes.


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