How To Solve Problems At Work

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This is not helpful thinking: it is better to act than to do nothing at all.

This is not helpful thinking: it is better to act than to do nothing at all.

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The following are some guidelines that can help you find the best solution to your problem.

For example, if you picked the solution, “blame my coworkers for work that isn’t done”, this might solve your problem right now, but it will probably seriously affect your relationship with your coworkers, and in the long-run your boss will probably find out.

Smoothing or harmonizing can result in a false solution to a problem and can create feelings in a person that range from anger to pleasure.

Accommodators are unassertive and cooperative and may play the role of a martyr, complainer, or saboteur.

The biggest mistake that we tend to make when finding solutions for our problems is to think about the same old solutions.

However, if those old solutions worked, the problem would not still be around. In a dispute, it's often easier to describe how others respond then to evaluate how we respond. We can gain a better understanding of the impact that our personal conflict style has on other people.With a better understanding, you can make a conscious choice on how to respond to others in a conflict situation.A competitive style can be appropriate when you have to implement an unpopular decision, make a quick decision, the decision is vital in a crisis, or it is important to let others know how important an issue is to you – "standing up for your right." However, relationships are harmed beyond repair and may encourage other parties to use covert methods to get their needs met.Value of own issue/goal: Low Value relationship: High Result: I lose, you win Accommodators set aside their own needs because they want to please others in order to keep the peace.Value of own issue/goal: High Value of relationship: Low Result: I win, you lose Competitors come across as aggressive, autocratic, confrontational, and intimidating.A competitive style is an attempt to gain power and pressure a change. For the most part, we are able to quickly solve them without much trouble.We either come up with a quick solution or use a strategy that worked in the past.In order to come up with new solutions, you can follow the rules of brainstorming: If you struggle with anxiety, actually picking a solution to your problem can often seem quite difficult.However, it is important to remember that not solving a problem can lead to more anxiety than trying to solve it, no matter how anxious you feel.


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