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The difference between diversity and inclusion is identified as well as the importance of diversity training within the workplace and how workplace culture is affected by diversity.Thinking about Diversity and Inclusion There are many dimensions of cultural diversity.For example, a company may have a problem with absenteeism because of employees having sick children.

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The Difference between Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and inclusion are two different things.

According to Harvey and Allard, “being “inclusive” means that diverse employees feel that they are vital contributors to the organizational mission, not marginalized or tolerated” (2009, pg. Everyone’s ideas, viewpoints, and skills are put to use to meet the goals of the organization.

In turn, saving the company money, and helping employees to be more productive due to lower absenteeism. Inclusion, or prejudice, is therefore an outcome of cultural diversity.

Diversity is our different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and cultural patterns; everything that make us all different, yet similar to each other.

Thinking about Diversity and Inclusion Jennifer Smith Garman Soc/315 January 31, 2011 Dana Batzka Abstract This paper addresses the many dimensions of cultural diversity.

How these dimensions affect which cultural, ethnic, or other groups people identify with, and how these groups affect our social circles.

Diverse companies will be able to provide services on a “global level” (Greenberg, 2011).

Diversity training is important because there are many challenges to implementing diversity policies.

According to Greenberg the challenges to diversity are communication, resistance to change, and implementation of diversity in the workplace (2011).

Communication is important because people speak many languages and there may be language barriers that can affect how people understand each other.


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