Introduction About Plastic Surgery Essay

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While some procedures may also increase bodily function or reduce ill effects such as pain, cosmetic surgery procedures have the primary aim of improving appearance.

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the buttocks and thighs but not the eyelids) may stress their skin and cause it to break.

Only individuals who have stabilised their weight and committed to living a healthy lifestyle are able to undergo these procedures.

Some of the most common body parts which patients modify through cosmetic surgery, either changing the size or shape of, are: Non-surgical cosmfetic treatments are those which alter the appearance by changing the structure of body tissues, without surgery.

Such procedures may be offered in non-medical settings including dental surgeries and beauty salons.

Expensive, lethal, and unnatural – doesn't it make you wonder why anyone would want plastic surgery? With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, which involve both risks and benefits, people should think twice before getting implants or liposuction.

As mentioned in the examples, plastic surgery isn't for everyone.Individuals taking medication or experiencing conditions which may impair the healing process cannot be operated on.People who are intending to undergo plastic surgery should also quit smoking before the procedure.Although, with so many celebrities getting plastic surgery, it's easy for someone to think of it as a "life saver." This was not the case for some of the contestants in Fox's new reality series "The Swan." Last year, plastic surgery patients in the 19- to 34-year-old age group made up 45 percent of all breast augmentation procedures, 28 percent of all liposuction procedures and 40 percent of all rhinoplasty, according to the ASPS."It's very sad to put it on television, as if it's OK - as if it's normal," says Dorinda Lambert, associate director and clinical coordinator at University Counseling Services. There are also many other treatments undertaken for cosmetic purposes which do not involve surgery, but change the structure of body tissues.These are known as non-surgical cosmetic treatments.Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may be unsuitable for people with eye conditions including glaucoma, dry eye and detached retina.Lipoplasty (liposuction) is recommended for individuals who are within 30% of their ideal body weight, with good skin tone and who maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Hundred of thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out in the United States alone each year.Other contraindications vary depending on the procedure and the age of the person.All individuals under 18 years of age require parental consent to undergo plastic surgery.


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