Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero Essay

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At the end of the play, the suffering and the tragic fall of the protagonist arouse pity and fear in the audience.

They feel pity because Macbeth begins as a noble man who is very loyal to his king but he loses all that towards the end of the play.

Also, in regard to the witches, they merely predict what will happen, but never are we given the impression that the witches have actually INFLUENCED Macbeth to do anything.

So yes, the methods and ideas are from his own mind, but what do we see throughout Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth insults her husband's masculinity, calling him a "coward" and saying that, when Macbeth is willing to murder the king, "then [he will be] a man," implying Macbeth wouldn't really be a man unless he goes forward with their plan (Act I, Scene 7, lines 47, 56).

Middle School Essay - Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero Essay

None of this would even be an issue, however, had the Weird Sisters not tried to manipulate Macbeth with their "prophecies." They say, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair," meaning that good things will look bad and bad things will look good, implying their "prophecies" to Macbeth will seem wonderful but will really lead to terrible consequences (Act I, Scene 1, line 12).

Instead, before his death, Macbeth finds himself without love, morally bankrupt, loathed by all, and with a name now synonymous with tyranny.

Macbeth is a tragic hero and the beginning praise by Duncan about his military skills proves it.

Macbeth fought honorably for Duncan against the invading forces at the beginning of Act I.

He is noted for his bravery on the battlefield which is why Duncan makes him Thane of Cawdor.


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