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Most sixteen-year-olds, even the most diligent and scholarly, might choose sleeping, eating, or dating over writing a detailed literary analysis for English class, and I understand this. It is an incredible way for your child to disconnect from technology, practice face-to-face communication skills, and LEARN really important historical information. Or trust Adam, one of my amazing students: Or believe Amarah, another one of my incredible students: I even completed this project myself after assigning it to my students several years ago.

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For example, asking about how weddings and marriage have changed can spark a very interesting conversation with some interviewees, while that question might be too painful for others. I’m adding extra questions here so that you have plenty to choose from.

Encourage your children to ask follow-up questions or to ask for more explanation. This list has been edited and revised multiple times since 2001, so I don’t recall which questions I created, which ones I added from other sources, and which ones were from the original assignment created by a teacher at A. Brown High School in Kannapolis North Carolina where I taught many years ago. Maybe your child could type the interview and share it with someone else who will appreciate it, if the interviewee doesn’t mind sharing.

Older generations, like great-grandparents, have even more historical details to share, so do not overlook them when choosing someone to interview.

Your children should ask permission to interview this person, meet when it is convenient, and explain that the person is free to share as much or as little as she feels comfortable.

Comparatively little creative writing is required of youngsters in the primary grades.

Mostly they were asked simply to read and fill in the blanks.Some students have also chosen to write beautiful poems inspired by their interviews as part of a creative writing project at the end of the year. I require my students to write a thank you note to the person who was interviewed, and I encourage them to share their final essay with that person, as well. ) Friends, I am telling you that you will not regret sharing this homework assignment with your kids.They typically walk away with a deeper appreciation for the person who was interviewed, so they are eager to share their thanks. This year, one of my students worked so hard on her reflection essay that she revised it over and over again until she felt in her heart that it truly honored her grandmother.Students have left my classroom as better writers and students have left my classroom as better editors and students have left my classroom with better test scores. But if students leave my classroom as better people, then maybe I have truly done the job that I’m supposed to do.Visit my blog I am a loving mama, a passionate language arts teacher, a loyal friend; a runner, a writer, a reader; a tireless encourager, an ocean lover, a creative spirit; and a recovering perfectionist who is still chasing fireflies in the midst of a chaotic world.I was going to ask her to transcribe it for me, but before I knew it I had listened to the full twenty-six minutes!(I had over 100 to grade, so assessing audio recordings was not time efficient.) Listening to her interact with her grandfather was incredibly engaging.Then suddenly this neglected skill becomes a very important component of assignments in the upper elementary grades.Creative writing assignments require a tot of time, not only from the student but from the teacher as well, who must grade for content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.Multiple students told me that they thought their grandparents really didn’t like teenagers or that they thought teenagers and senior citizens had little in common, but they discovered that their assumptions were completely wrong.Many had no idea how much adversity the senior citizens they interviewed had overcome. This assignment always reminds me that English Language Arts is a humanity, and that the humanities are important because .


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