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Significantly, his older brother, Carl Page, Jr., also became a successful Internet entrepreneur.Larry Page attended a Montessori school in the primary grades and later graduated from East Lansing High School.

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Google’s initial public offering in 2004 raised $1.67 billion, giving the company a market capitalization of $23 billion.

A number of Google employees with shares in the company became millionaires overnight, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin found themselves multibillionaires at age 27.

Page and Brin recruited Novell executive Eric Schmidt to serve as CEO, with Larry Page taking the role of President for Products, and Sergey Brin as President for Technology.

The three have run the enterprise as a triumvirate ever since.

To explore the possibilities of his new “Page Rank” mechanism more fully, he called on the data mining expertise of his classmate, Sergey Brin.

Larry Page, student delegate from Stanford, with Council member and Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Walter Massey, President of Morehouse College, at the 2000 International Achievement Summit in London.Case presents the American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award to both Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the Civic Opera House in Chicago, Illinois.In 2000, Google began selling text-based advertisements associated with search keywords.Word quickly spread beyond the walls of Stanford that the two graduate students had created something far more useful than existing search technology.2003: Larry Page, Co-founder and President, Products, and Sergey Brin, Co-founder and President, Technology, pose inside the server room at Google’s campus headquarters in Mountain View, California.(Photo: Getty Images) They registered the domain name in 1997.The text-only ads on their graphics-free homepage kept their download time to the bare minimum, and their ability to deliver ads directly related to the interests of the user made the ad space highly valuable.Google co-founder Larry Page first attended the 2000 Summit in London as a student delegate; he returns once more as a member of the Golden Plate Awards Council at 2005 International Achievement Summit in New York.It was there that he first undertook the project of analyzing patterns of linkage among different sites on the World Wide Web.It was also at Stanford that he first met fellow computer science graduate student Sergey Brin and recruited him to join his research project.Searches often produced endless lists of websites of very little pertinence to the user’s query.Page soon found that ranking websites by the number of links leading to it from other sites was a far more useful measure of a Web document’s relevance to a user’s search criteria.


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