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While every personal statement is, by its nature, different, there are a few basic points to keep in mind as you write.

While every personal statement is, by its nature, different, there are a few basic points to keep in mind as you write.The overarching principle is simple: Consider your audience.

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Let the reader see not just what you went through, but the insights or transformations the experience inspired in you.

Get feedback on early drafts Don’t wait until your personal statement is polished and almost ready to submit before you show it to anyone else.

Describe what it was like training for the big game, meet, or event.

Don’t write, “I became committed to working in health care law when my grandmother was in the hospital.” Instead, describe your family’s experiences during that time.

Admissions officials read every single personal statement they receive.

At some schools, this literally means that one person is reading hundreds or thousands of essays; at others, the committees split up the stack.Pay attention to grammar and spelling One purpose of the personal statement is to gauge your writing skills.Bad grammar or misspellings will leap out at the attentive reader and merit an immediate, disdainful circle with the virtual red pen.After your LSAT and GPA, your personal statement is the most important part of your law school applications.You should plan to spend a significant amount of time on it.This particular error can occur very easily if you are using and editing a boilerplate statement, and it very definitely irks admissions officers.Don’t forget that spell check will not catch everything: trial and trail are both spelled correctly, but mean very different things.Ask friends, family members, professors, or the Pre-Law Advisor to review an early draft to make sure you’re on the right track.Prepare to write several drafts Your personal statement is a crucial element of your law school application.It is worth spending a lot of time drafting, honing, and polishing.Answer the question(s) asked Each school asks a slightly different question or series of questions for their personal statement. This may mean making some fairly serious edits to your basic statement for each school.


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